Press conference

Graham's family has also accused the NYPD of misleading the public about the case.
This should be interesting, depending on how you define interesting.
There has been "some intensifying of the storm in recent hours."
The abominable snowman of Gracie Mansion held a press conference this afternoon to address concerns about the expected snowfall tonight and tomorrow.
"There is no cause for everyday New Yorkers to be alarmed," he said. "Ebola is an extremely hard disease to contract. There’s no reason for New Yorkers to change their daily routines in any way.”
Rex decided to change things up a bit on a "boring day" by sitting in the media section and asking the Jets beat reporters questions. And it was, unsurprisingly, pretty charming.
Mayor Bloomberg announced that starting at 6 a.m. tomorrow, drivers with license plates ending in odd numbers only can buy gas on odd-numbered days, and even numbers only can buy gas on even-numbered days.
"We think we're ready for everything," Bloomberg said of the "relatively minor" storm, adding "we’ll have unseasonably cold temps tonight: mid-30s, and the high winds will make it feel as if it’s in the mid-20s."
Mayor Bloomberg came out today to update the city on Sandy recovery efforts and Nor'Easter preparations.
Bloomberg had a press conference today to welcome kids back to school, announce some new "community restoration directors" and CANCEL ALL RECYCLING for the time being.
Bloomberg warned about tomorrow's morning commute, discussed current state of power outages, shared his fear of the cold, and bashed the Board of Election during his afternoon press conference.
"Service will not be normal tomorrow," Cuomo said. "Volume will be way up, schools will be open, and because of the gas problem, many more people will be on mass transit."
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