Presidential election

The Barclays Center is among the 88 early voting sites.
The election may end tomorrow, or it may drag on forever.
Sarah Palin last night told Greta Van Sustern that she has "fire in my belly" for a presidential run.
Well here's an interesting twist on the game of "movable Biden"
When Mayor Bloomberg was delivering a "presidential lecture" at Dartmouth College
Governor David Paterson stepped into the presidential election fray yesterday, when he
Photographs of Spitzer, Sharpton, Dinkins and Bloomberg at Sharpton's National Action
NBC News to Cover Golden Globes To plug the giant hole in
Last week, a CNN/WMUR poll with "likely Republican voters in New
The Comedians of Comedy are performing at Irving Plaze on October 27th
Mayor Bloomberg has been an independent all of a couple days, but
Did you know New York is #4 of America's Best Vegetarian-Friendly Large
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