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Dzhokar Tsarnaev is unlikely to be treated as an enemy combatant. Here's why.

America leaves behind its embassy in Baghdad, the largest US embassy in the world, with a staff of 16,000, most of whom are private contractors.

Bush recently said in an interview that after after chief of staff Andy Card whispered to him, "America is under attack," he "made the decision to not jump up immediately and leave the classroom.

What is the "War on Terror?" This, rather than "It's time to end the War on Terror," was debated last night at NYU's Skirball center, much to the audience's befuddlement.

Lawmakers in Albany sent Governor Cuomo a letter on Monday imploring him to cease participation in a controversial immigration enforcement program.

While former President Bush declined to go to Ground Zero today to "stay out of the spotlight," the Daily News suggests he's actually pissed that President Obama isn't spreading the Osama bin Laden credit around.

After the news circulated that President Bush would not be joining President Obama for Thursday's visit to Ground Zero, it turns out another notable figure was invited too: Rudy Giuliani.

President George W. Bush has reportedly declined an offer made by his successor to join him in visiting Ground Zero on Thursday to commemorate the death of Osama Bin Laden with 9/11 family members.

This week, forty-one Republican Senators cruelly voted against the James Zadroga