Premium rush

"Premium Rush" probably won't take the place in our heart reserved for "Quicksilver," the classic, terrible '80s bike messenger movie starring Kevin Bacon.
During filming in Manhattan last summer, bike messenger movie Premium Rush made headlines after heartthrob Joseph Gordon-Levitt crashed into the back of a taxi. Anyway, here's the trailer.
Bike messengers have long been the misunderstood miscreants of the city, earning
Via Shannon Reader Shannon sent us this photo, and writes, "Sadly
Bloomberg and Pele, not headbutting. (Via NYCMayorsOffice Twitter) Premium Rush's Headbutt-gate,
Flickr user Paolo Mastrangelo Breffny Flynn, the man arrested after headbutting
Gordon-Levitt's bike crash on the Premium Rush set. (Via Joseph Gordon-Levitt's
Via Gordon-Levitt's Tumblr Angels in the Outfield star Joseph Gordon-Levitt is
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