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Excluding pregnant people From COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials contributed to mixed messages and misinformed health care workers, experts say.

Local and federal health officials have recommended COVID-19 vaccines during pregnancy for months, but women report at least two New York City-run sites aren't following protocol.

In 2018, former Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio each introduced plans to address maternal mortality. As the pandemic flooded city hospitals, many shortcomings emerged in those initiatives.

Under the previous policy, medical staff did not need to provide pregnant patients with any written information on a toxicology test or obtain their signatures to perform one.

A New York City doula has launched a petition calling on the state to order hospitals to allow support individuals into postpartum and recovery units.

The lawsuit also alleges that she was denied water and medical care, even as she started to feel contractions, and while officers celebrated a holiday party within the precinct.

Thomas Keller Restaurant Group allegedly "found out" Vanessa Scott-Allen "was pregnant and figured out a way to backpedal" on a job offer.

New guidelines from the city's Human Rights Commission clarify that bars or restaurants cannot refuse to serve a woman just because she's pregnant.

Airlines like JetBlue, British Airways and Lufthansa have recently been permitting pregnant women to change or cancel their tickets.

He then charged her $13 for a "cancelled" ride.