Pre k

The American Academy of Pediatrics says the youngest kids still need the protection of masks for indoor group settings because they aren’t eligible to be vaccinated against COVID. But some say it's time to leave the mandate behind.
The mayor is warmly welcomed by the Morning Show air horns.
Cuomo has made it clear he'd rather fund pre-K through the state budget than let de Blasio tax the wealthy.
A deal hammered out and approved by the New York State Senate yesterday provides a potential path forward on universal pre-K in New York City as well as statewide.
De Blasio said the tax on the rich wasn't a 'atx for tax's sake...It was always about achieving the end.'
'The answer to the tale of two cities is not to create two states,' the governor said. 'The answer to inequity and inequality is not to create more inequity and inequality.'
Let's fact check this awesome protest sign.
Wary of setting up a precedent where de Blasio looks to tax the rich for every initiative, Cuomo offers the mayor "whatever he needs."
De Blasio and Cuomo square off in a long-awaited battle over universal pre-k.
At P.S. 87 on the Upper West Side, the acceptance rate is 3%!
"He wants to drive everybody out of the city," complained billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
Thanks to arrests over fraud and corruption in a number of
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