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"I said, 'You got [the driver], right?' The cop said, 'Nobody got a good look at him.'"

"It all comes back to money," Milster said yesterday, noting that some alumni had threatened to withdraw their donations if he was evicted.

"Now this has gone out the window, and I'm going to have to do something else, which probably means leaving Brooklyn and Pratt."

The main attraction, however, was the murderers' row of ten of Conrad Milster's most massive whistles, all different sizes and pitches, which were blasted simultaneously at midnight.

The steam whistles at Pratt Institute will blow once more tomorrow night, welcoming the new year with their sustained, deafening cries.

"They're the loudest things you've ever heard, you feel the sound not just in your chest but all throughout you body."

The Chronicle of Higher Education released its annual salary survey of the

Just a few blocks away from the Pratt Institute, a man died

Congratulations to everyone graduating this month! As NYU's commencement was today,

The results are in for the 2007 Design Awards from the