"We will do everything in our capability to make this nothing like Pranna."
But the local Community Board remains unconvinced.
The Howard Stern Show got some classic belligerent bruncher quotes.
Brunch at Pranna is, and isn't, what it used to be.
"It is an egregious violation of their liquor license. They absolutely are running a nightclub. How is it that their liquor license isn’t cancelled? How can they can they have a liquor license as a restaurant, and run a nightclub?"
How drunk is too drunk for 5 p.m. on a Saturday?
"The week before they had to call an ambulance because someone got so drunk at one of these brunches they crapped themselves and had to be taken to the hospital."
"Fights, large crowds, dancing–brunch is the new Thursday night in Manhattan."
The Chestnut Bar: Carroll Gardens neighborhood restaurant Chestnut has expanded into the
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