Mario's ultimate goal was to “push some positivity and hopefully make the people laugh.”
The statue memorializing the famous 'NYC UFO Tugboat Abduction' can be spotted in Battery Park
This was the cherry tomato on top of the prank salad.
Based on the number of conservatives coming forward to declare they got owned by him, hoo boy did Sacha Baron Cohen do a great job.
They opened up their own fake glass Apple Store at the 23rd Street 6 train elevator.
"I'm sorry about the situation and hope not to be be involved in anything like that."
"It was a hoax and there was no credible threat."
Before there were Internet trolls, there was Bob Pagani.
Unless the officer's name is Clancy Wiggum, most cops don't appreciate being mocked about donut-consumption while being trolled by the public.
The provocations range from sitting on strangers' laps on the subway to approaching people in Brownsville and snatching their cell phones in order to "check the time."
Jeff Francoeur's current teammates on the El Paso Chihuahuas pulled off a month-long prank during which they convinced him one of his teammates, who is not deaf, was deaf.
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