'We wanted to draw attention to the fact that The President of the United States just added a person of questionable character to his legal team.'
'Hopefully these ads will convince Rudolph  to quit his self destructive behavior.'
Would you pay to work in an authentic NYC phonebooth?
The Brooklyn man who last week stuck dozens of dildos to the "Charging Bull" sculpture on Wall Street has been fined.
And Pat Kiernan even makes a cameo.
This should be kept up all season long.
Pizza Rat 2.0 is here.
Dancin' in the streets outside of Penn Station.
These professional ballet dancers dressed up as breakdancers and fooled everyone in Washington Square Park.
"Prank" and "porta potty" probably should never be in the same sentence, but here we are...
PETA and the TLC slam Jimmy Failla for his snake in a cab prank.
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