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We'll still be talking about this during de Blasio's third term.

All the DOT needs to do is hire "a fully independent, mutually­ agreed-upon expert to conduct an objective study of traffic and safety impacts on Prospect Park West" and this whole thing goes away.

Someday this Prospect Park West Bike Lane War's gonna end... but probably not in our lifetimes.

As you may have heard, the rich crybabies who hate the popular Prospect Park West bike lane so much that they sued the city are suing the city yet again.

If you're doing a story on pedestrian plazas and bike lanes, it helps to interview people using pedestrian plazas and bike lanes.

Other improvements, such as new pedestrian islands, a new traffic signal, flower beds and a new bicycle route through the south end of the plaza have all been completed.

What should give cycling advocates cause for concern is that the suit was dismissed because the plaintiffs filed too late, not because their argument—that the DOT fabricated positive data to building the bike lane—was invalid.

What is it about this Prospect Park West bike lane that still drives some Park Slopers into apoplectic rage? We went over there to find out.

Last night, euphoric cycling advocates celebrated a judge's dismissal of the lawsuit against the Prospect Park West bike lane. But the decision didn't address the lawsuit's most controversial allegation.

DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan has sworn under oath that Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz's trousers are engulfed in flames.