Lo, the litigious affluent denizens of Park Slope have decided it's time to move on.
Someday this war's gonna end, but not today.
Plus, what it takes for a former deputy mayor to hit you with an umbrella.
"There are many city streets that are over-built for cars. There's virtually cities trapped between the lanes."
He denies there was any sort of nefarious bike lane plot afoot.
"It's amazing," said former NYC Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan.
The DOT today changed signs along Prospect Park West, lowering the speed limit from 30 to 25 mph.
All the DOT needs to do is hire "a fully independent, mutually­ agreed-upon expert to conduct an objective study of traffic and safety impacts on Prospect Park West" and this whole thing goes away.
Someday this Prospect Park West Bike Lane War's gonna end... but probably not in our lifetimes.
Maybe we have stepped into the Bizarro World: Transportation Alternatives' Executive Director Paul Steely White just posted a photograph of Senator Chuck Schumer riding his bike in the Prospect Park Bike Lane ("Omg").
As you may have heard, the rich crybabies who hate the popular Prospect Park West bike lane so much that they sued the city are suing the city yet again.
Click though on the photos for five of the cycling stories that the whole world was watching.
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