The city’s Department of Consumer and Worker Protection received more than 38,000 complaints of price gouging in a 12-month span, a 114% increase compared to the same time period the previous year.
The legislation, signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, sets enforceable health and safety standards to protect workers from COVID-19 and future airborne infectious diseases in the workplace.
A photographer's requests for protective gear like mask and a press helmet went unheard during the pandemic and mass protests, according to the suit.
The vending machines will disperse masks, sanitizer and more, for a price. Here's where to find them.
“Protect us. That’s all we are asking. Give us what we need so we can survive.”
These machines arrived in Long Island as NYC's health department recommended health care workers reuse their PPE.
"If in 1940, we could completely restructure the entire country to make weapons to fight in a war, then we could have the ability to restructure a couple factories to double or triple their N95 production."
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