Once he realized the ticket was worth some major cash, he allegedly lied to his friend and told him it was worthless.
Hey, there's a winning Powerball ticket running around!
Plus some other Powerball strategies from the Internet, which is always There For You when cold, hard cash is on the line.
Quick, fantasize about what you'd do with the money so you can get on with your day.
Well, at least we know they'll be cursed forever.
A Staten Island Powerball winner now owes a hefty chunk of his fortune to the cyclist he doored with his truck in Park Slope last month.
They showed up to work yesterday.
But check your tickets—six tickets worth $1 million were sold in NY as was a ticket worth $2 million!
The fourth-largest jackpot in Powerball history is awaiting the lucky winner, but no one has come forward to throw their exultant arms around it.
One son, Jason, said, "I hope we stay grounded. I hope we stay the great people we were yesterday and the day."
The only thing better about a Powerball winner is a mystery about a Powerball winner.
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