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Seven days after Tropical Storm Isaias, 19,000 Con Edison customers still did not have power across Westchester and NYC as of Monday morning.

"Having 1,200 customers out is not an unusual situation."

More than 3,600 customers around the city are already without power. And let's not forget about Long Island!

A messy Wednesday night storm has left its mark.

Con Ed clocked the highest strain on our power grid ever (13,182 megawatts earlier this afternoon) which has brought along with it brownouts and a few straight up power outages across town.

And it is official. With temperatures hitting 103 degrees in Central Park today is officially the hottest day of the year. And those power outages that Con Ed warned us about? They're heeeeerrrreee.

Despite intense heat, Con Edison has so far managed to keep the power on (and the city's A/Cs running) with only minimal trouble—but the day is young and those outages they threatened could still come.