Heavy rain and winds knocked down trees and power lines.
About 15,000 customers in NYC and Westchester have been enrolled in a pilot program, set to start on April 1, that will give them reduced rates for electricity usage during off-peak hours.
The crew member had been setting up traffic cones for filming later today.
Someday this war's gonna end, but not today.
The family's electricity was allegedly shut off.
"After 9/11 people created support groups and things. And sometimes just by grouping people together you don't even need a professional even there."
"I am very sorry there are so many people suffering because their lights are out," Burke said during a news conference. But that isn't going to stop Con Ed from seeking to raise rates.
"They ran out of poles, believe it or not. They ran out of poles! Can you believe they ran out of poles? And now we have utility companies competing for poles!"
The "slick and sloppy" first Nor'Easter of the year came last night, leaving even more people without power in New York City and Westchester.
The utilities, for their part, say it is too soon to say who will foot the bill.
The lights have finally come back on in most of lower Manhattan after Hurricane Sandy knocked power out everywhere below 39th Street last Monday, and downtown residents were certainly relieved and grateful.
It's been a topsy-turvey day for powerless New Yorkers living in lower Manhattan, but all is (almost) better now: Con Ed has started turning on the lights!
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