Poverty rates are even higher for the city’s Asian seniors, Asians who speak limited English, and Asians with a high school education or less, according to the report.
The pandemic eviction moratorium will end on Jan. 15 and is unlikely to be extended again.
Will the Biden relief plan make a lasting difference?
The city estimates 11% of New Yorkers are “unbanked,” and many of them stand to pay high fees when they cash their stimulus checks.
"I think we're in a different framework of policy thinking, and a lot of credit can go towards young people, like Black Lives Matter and other movements," said Darrick Hamilton, an economist.
NYC's rate of poverty remains eight points above the national average.
A week after the blackouts in Venezuela, chaos and confusion are still rampant.
A new study found nearly 1.7 million New Yorkers live in high or extreme poverty areas.
"I lament that we were not able to come to an agreement to support poverty-stricken New Yorkers struggling to pay for public transportation," City Council Transportation Committee Chair Ydanis Rodriguez said.
Come January, a borough with a population larger than San Diego's will lack even a single general-interest bookstore.
It seems that some of de Blasio's big anti-homelessness spending is paying off.
You might not be shocked to learn that the world's 62 richest people now possess more wealth than half the planet.
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