There's a Mac 'N' Cheese Poutine and a Pizza Pocket Poutine, which they're billing as a Hot Pocket" stuffed with fries, gravy and smoked meat.
The restaurant offers a taste of Montreal fare, including the city's ubiquitous drunk person's go-to.
We can blame Canada for bringing poutine—Montreal's fries, gravy and cheese curds dish for stoners and drunks—to the world
Mile End has five different versions of the Canadian classic for the Poutine Week, starting next Monday.
Let's learn how to make them, shall we?
We found an Australian restaurant that serves Canadian poutine in Brooklyn... and we took Pat Kiernan and some readers there.
Here are three ways to win spots at our poutine dinner with Pat Kiernan, taking place July 9th.
If you needed an excuse to check out Smorgasburg tomorrow before the rain, this should do it.
Last night we finally got to celebrate Canada Day, with Pat Kiernan and some of our readers and his viewers!
Last night a troupe of brave contest winners made their way to
Happy Canada Day! Hopefully you're washing down a St-Viateur bagel with
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