"For me, these posters allow a different form of expression," Cuomo said.
'It’s like this little piece of a lost civilization preserved in amber.'
Scroll through the photo gallery to see an eclectic group of NYC-centric posters from Poster House's archives.
The parody posters feature a slovenly-dressed man wearing a MAGA hat with a Confederate flag heart tattoo—he is also holding a Chick-fil-A drink, in case the message of the poster was not apparent enough.
The iconic bilingual posters were in bodegas, on street corners, and draped on car windshields. And they inspired people to volunteer on her campaign.
Matthew Weiner's season teasers have always included a sidelong glance... UNTIL NOW.
You're only as romantic as your pageviews.
Did you see any fictional Seinfeld movie posters around town this week?
We've really found a way to keep Seinfeld alive, haven't we?
People keep tagging the Mad Men posters in the subway...and somebody else keeps washing them away.
The Muppets... as creatures of the night!
Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx... and even Kanye get in on the Battle of the Borough action.
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