Postal service

If you live in an apartment, you might need to register your building as a multi-unit home. Here’s how to do that.
"Without financial help, the USPS may not make it past September without significant service interruptions, which is upsetting especially during an election year, a census year and a pandemic that has people house-bound."
"It's one of those services you’d think would have a contingency plan."
Like 'Long Island City' or 'Bayside' instead of 'Queens.'
If the mail takes longer than a week to show up, it's a safe bet your mailman has just tossed it in the trash. But not always! Sometimes you just have to wait 45 years.
If your mail has been missing, it's probably not just because it got "lost" or there was an "error" with your mailing address—it's because your mailman tossed it in the trash.
At least one mailman was dealing with the soggiest of situations after the winter storm hit.
To satisfy overwhelming demand, the United States Postal Service is developing a clothing line.
As the USPS announced they'll be ending Saturday delivery, let's look back at the agency's glory days.
Send that letter to Aunt Effie NOW! Everything—and we mean everything—is getting more expensive this weekend.
As the post office continues its slow, painful death, New Yorkers are none too pleased.
The USPS is dying a slow, ugly death, which could finally end next year, when the agency totally runs out of cash.
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