There has been a spark of interest in Portuguese cuisine in the city, but the truth is we're still short on options within the five boroughs. That's where New Jersey comes in.
U.S. defender Matt Besler said, 'It's a cruel game.'
Goals from Jermaine Jones and Clint Dempsey looked to give the US the win, but Portugal's Silvestre Varela scored a late equalizer.
"This is now the moment where you can prove yourself."
Wright was convicted of murdering a gas station attendant in 1962, escaped from state prison in 1970, and dressed as a priest, hijacked a plane in Detriot in 1972.
George Wright, who pleaded guilty to killing a man in 1962 and then escaped prison before hijacking a plane and disappearing, was known as "Jorge" in Portugal.
George Wright was convicted of murdering a decorated World War II veteran at his New Jersey gas station during a robbery in 1962
The Dow Jones lost nearly 1,000 points (8+%) at one point
Today wasn't a good day on Wall Street. Concerns about the
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