Port authority bus terminal

Two virtual public hearings take place on the $10 billion plan to replace the aging Port Authority Bus Terminal in midtown.
The agency pledged the project would be similar to the recently completed Moynihan Train Hall.
The bus was on an upper ramp heading towards the direction of the Lincoln Tunnel when the driver struck the divider on Eighth Avenue and West 41st Street, the FDNY said.
The new bus terminal is expected to cost $10 billion.
Traffic snarled around the Lincoln Tunnel, and the Port Authority suspended bus service on one of the busiest travel days of the year.
The bus terminal has been called "The Single Worst Place On Planet Earth."
The cameras are part of the beginning stages of building a new bus terminal.
Port Authority police officers were found to be making false public lewdness arrests based on specious urinal observations nearly 15 years ago.
Police are looking for the girl's father.
The renderings for the new Port Authority bus terminal, and the belief it might someday not be the worst place on Earth, are here. Have a look.
The teen allegedly said, "Let's off some cops."
The terminal was closed for about an hour before the package was deemed safe.
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