“It's a straw in the wind that things are starting to go back to normal.”
“This number will ensure our city gets the federal resources we need to keep moving forward," Mayor de Blasio said.
Among the ten zip codes that saw the highest rates of move-outs last year compared to 2019, all but one was in Manhattan (the exception was Long Island City) and six included parts of Midtown, the Upper West Side, and the Upper East Side.
New York has lost the most residents in the country in 2019.
Operation Alienate People By Making This City Semi-Unlivable For Much Of The Population has clearly been a huge success!
U.S. census records show that over 1 million people have abandoned the New York area since 2010.
Tokyo's got sprawl, but Seoul's packed tighter than the Union Square 4,5,6 platform on a weekday morning.
New York City's population is nearly as high now as city planners expected it to be in 2020.
Florida is now the country's third most populous state, with NY slipping to a sad fourth place.
Apparently, not a whole lot of people are living in northern Maine, for whatever reason. And the Dakotas? We keep forgetting they even exist because barely any human beings live there
People like moving to warm states.
"For the first time since 1950, more people are coming to New York City than leaving."
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