"It's nice having people be able to walk by again."
How do city officials ensure that private developers tasked to build public spaces will create something that truly has the public interest at heart?
"It's the end of the world!"
"The fossil fuel industry is literally running the White House..."
A Comptroller's Office report finds that, when it comes to developers breaking their promises to maintain public space, not much has changed since the late '90s.
"People can get used to anything, and I think that's what they're counting on."
"It's time to make [privately owned public space] great again."
The tiny, railroad-style restaurant will serve jerk chicken and ribs, Bake and Shark sandwiches and a frozen ginger dark and stormy.
"I wonder what's going on behind this fence."
Thanks to the Department of Transportation, Midtown Manhattan is about to get a new pedestrian thoroughfare. But, before you get out your pitchforks and start burning effigies of Commissioner Janette Sadik-Kahn, take a deep breath.
File under: inevitable.
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