Pope francis

It all started yesterday, when Pope Francis threw shade at America's #1 Ambulatory Merkin for pledging to build a fence to keep out the Mexicans.
It was a good thing Pope Francis had actually left about nine hours earlier.
"Words cannot fully express my sorrow for the abuse you suffered."
There were also more intimate events at the 9/11 Memorial and an East Harlem school.
It was a a beautiful, scientific moment to behold.
Here comes the Pope!
Hallowed be thy intersection.
Representatives with Verizon, T Mobile and Sprint tell us they've deployed cells on wheels (COWs) in affected areas.
A massive realty company appears to be behind these spikes installed near Pope Territory.
Even the most fleeting glimpse of Pope-robe white as the motorcade sped by was enough to make the massive crowd happy.
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