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You can finally answer the question: do Pokémon make for delicious burgers?

Why waste your time with candy-colored ice cream and pizza pop-ups when you can skip straight to mainlining actual candy directly into your Instagram feed?

The chainlet specializes in souvlaki, spit-roasted meats and veggies wrapped in pita with sauces and seasonings.

Their fried-to-order donuts will be available Friday morning in Indian Cinnamon, Apollonia and Strawberry Lavender flavors with free coffee to boot.

Jianbing, a crepe-like dish that's a common breakfast street food in China, will be the core of the East Village menu, plus a few sides like dumplings and salads.

Flavors include brown butter key lime, honey fennel pollen, and Mexican chocolate, plus he'll be serving that wild scrambled egg grilled cheese, too.

The pop-ups will be located in Manhattan and Brooklyn from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. today only.

The L.A.-based chef will be previewing dishes for her forthcoming restaurant Tel, serving global Jewish cuisine as seen through a California lens.

The Smorgasburg vet will be selling scoops of star anise, ginger root, masala chai and other unique flavors inside Gotham Market at The Ashland.

Prepare to see a ton of cotton candy-topped ice cream cones crawling through your feed this summer.