Pop up

Bowie's estate is launching Bowie 75, a year-long celebration which includes the openings of two curated pop-up shops, including one right here in the city.
"New York is very much still alive... and if you're a New Yorker who left you should come back. We wanted to remind people why we love NYC so much."
The pop up will be at Paulie Gee's through October, and features a new Pizza Bagel every week.
Visit Schitt's Creek, now located on 18th Street in Manhattan.
Schitt's Creek will come alive in NYC in December.
The one where you pose with the pivot couch for Instagram.
The One With The Friends Couch Marketing Stunt
This includes a George Costanza 'Timeless Art Of Seduction' action figure which I desperately want, please will somebody get it for me?!
'We'll have set recreations like Joey & Chandler's apartment, Central Perk (obviously), tons of photo opportunities and the chance to learn how to be as type A as Monica when it comes to cleaning.'
New York's hottest new line is for a sandwich.
Is it social commentary on marijuana legalization benefiting a privileged class? A hilariously clumsy attempt at getting in on the ground floor of marijuana legalization? Or perhaps just an April Fool's Day prank?
Miracles have popped up all over town.
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