Poor people

Sacks, who is also a self-professed expert on female masturbation, is unapologetic over the article and the outcry, as you can see in the video below.
"I won’t stand for this or discrimination of any kind," Quinn wrote in a letter about the luxury condo. "This discrimination against lower-income residents negates the inclusiveness the program seeks to create."
"This 'separate but equal' arrangement is abominable and has no place in the 21st century, let alone on the Upper West Side," said Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal.
Also: Romney admits he was born with a silver spoon... "which is to get born in America."
Being poor sucks, which is why it's nice to escape it sometimes by losing yourself in booze, cigarettes, strippers and instant scratch-off tickets.
“Rapacious, intolerant, nonempathetic capitalism that says lie, cheat, steal, it’s only the bottom line that matters—aside from being morally repugnant, it’s got a dim future."
Fueling the boom of luxury hospital suites are rich medical tourists from other countries who often pay in cash, as opposed to the rest of us sick fiends who have to use insurance.
The New York Times has an nifty interactive map that tells you which "percent" you are both nationally and compared to other areas of the country.
Families living in middle class neighborhoods have dropped from 65% to 44% since 1970.
Mayor Bloomberg is bringing his bottom-line approach to governance to the issue
The NYPD decided not to appeal a judge's decision that the
Four months after the opening of three much mulled-over Robert Moses
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