“I’ve been out on the harbor every week for ten years and I’ve never seen anything like that.”
Officials are hoping human dumps can power up to 5,000 homes.
For residents of an exclusive community in Queens, swimming comes with the thrill of risking illness and basic hygiene.
In a huge triumph for the environment, there were ten whole days this past summer where the Gowanus Canal didn't have so much poop in it that swimming was unsafe.
Using Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Robert Smigel is able to cut through the political bullshit long enough to take a poop all over our ridiculous electoral process.
Dogs are falling ill after eating what appears to be drug-laced human feces in Prospect Park.
The party poopers have finally gotten the better of the coppers' ploppers.
"That's a f****n' piece of shit! It's feces. Right there."
Get tested, Gowanus.
A group of New York gastroenterologists are trying to unlock the mysteries of the microbiome, but first they need your poop.
A fecal fiend was caught on surveillance camera smearing poop onto the seats of every Citi Bike locked in a docking station in midtown Manhattan early Friday morning.
Matthew Barney premiered his newest work, the 6-hour film River of Fundament on Wednesday at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.
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