Pool parties

A sort of brief history of Williamsburg's free concerts.
Our sources also told us that a woman was ejected for eating a particularly loud Ruffles potato chip, and that several blindfolded swimmers floated aimlessly for hours without being able to shout "Marco!"
The city might pop in on Sunday to check the roof deck occupancy and bring their decibel-reading ice luge, but "police sources" say that the the NYPD's cabaret unit is "expected" to take a looksee.
The throbbing noise of the Gansevoort Park Avenue hotel's pool parties are making their Sundays miserable.
We've compiled a list of things we'd love to see come back to the city, and what we'd like to see banished from our boroughs.
After a sparse turnout at the free concert series held at the Aviator Sports Complex next to the Rockaways, today Jelly redubbed the events "Rock Yard" and moved it to East Williamsburg at The Morgan.
Jelly NYC comes out swinging against a Brooklyn Paper article declaring their Floyd Bennett Field concert series a dud.
This guy's psyched. (Photo by Jen Carlson/Gothamist) Just days after the
What will Dodgeball Tom do? Time to towel off! The Open
Photo by Jen Carlson/Gothamist Since the Open Space Alliance has stepped
Water, Coconut Water, Rum... VIPs get to hydrate for free This
The Pool Parties officially kicked off their 5th annual free concert series
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