The EDC is looking for proposals on how to make our floating pool dream a reality.
The north end of Central Park is finally getting some much-needed attention.
35 Devoe Street looks suspiciously like Los Feliz.
New York's hottest new rooftop pool is... at the airport.
It may not feel like it right now, but a sizzling heat wave will soon be on our doorstep.
The city's most instagrammable [groan] pool.
To be fair, you also get a bottle of rosé.
With fire pits, views, and a pool... expect them to hit capacity nightly.
Rainbow Pool is the new Rainbow Bagel.
The Landmarks Preservation Commission has voted YES to a day spa on Governors Island.
There's a new Kickstarter for the East River floating pool, which hopes to create a miniature test version this summer.
Floating pool aims to use filtered East River water, during testing it was "pretty gross after some of the big rain storms we got."
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