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“We have a chance to turn a new path for this city. One that leaves Robert Moses’s vision behind, beats back COVID-19, protects our environment. And builds a fair, safe, and equitable recovery for all of us,” Gutman said.

There’s hope that with so many locals at the federal level the city might get more federal support.

Traffic fatalities are the highest they have been since 2014, and transportation and safe streets advocates charge that the de Blasio administration has failed to act swiftly and boldly to adapt to the necessities of the pandemic.

"We're looking a period where, the statistical gains of Vision Zero are being erased."

"What I haven't heard is: what are the administration's ideas? What ideas do you all have? I haven't seen anything proactive put forward."

With cyclists and pedestrian fatalities up for the first time under Mayor Bill de Blasio's tenure, city officials are trying a new gambit: appealing to the 'emotional experience of the motorist.'

The long-awaited third phase of Citi Bike's expansion will touch down in South Bronx and Upper Manhattan next year, before crawling deeper into Brooklyn and Queens by 2023, city officials announced on Tuesday.

Trottenberg did not reply to email inquiries about why she was resigning now.

'You do your research. I'm not here to humiliate you.'