Voters in these locations would be able to cast ballots nine days ahead of the general election in November.
Poll workers in Williamsburg reportedly spread misinformation and set a tone of general hostility.
If your polling site plunged into emergency ballot mode when all the scanners broke at once, fear not! Your vote still counts.
Remember, remember the 12th of October.
Executive Order: Everything negative about President Bannon is fake.
There is no mandate when the loser in the race wins the popular vote.
Has Mayor de Blasio forgotten what it's like to be white?
It's been a rough introduction to the Era of de Blasio. At least that's what the poll numbers say.
This circus theme of this year's mayoral race apparently isn't just limited to the candidates—it may also extend to the polls themselves.
One year before he faces re-election, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is flying high in the polls.
Might as well start calling him Teflon Kelly—as far as public opinion pols go, scandals just don't seem to stick to the police commissioner.
A recent Gallup poll shows that 56 percent of respondents believe Obama is "about the same" or "worse" than President George W. Bush.
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