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The latest proposal on the table in Albany would mandate Good Cause protections in NYC, but other municipalities could opt in.

The law would also reduce the number of days of early voting but add additional hours to make up for the Easter holiday.

Adams said Tuesday he has been discussing the logistics of housing migrants in Gracie Mansion, the historic Upper East Side residence.

Lawmakers are racing against the clock to recognize both as holidays, though it’s unclear if they will apply statewide.

There are few competitive races. The 27th District race pits incumbents Richard Codey and Nia Gill against one another because of redistricting.

The plan comes after months of talks with faith-based leaders.

The former governor is trying to dismantle New York’s ethics board in an effort to keep his money.

New York state lawmakers appear unlikely to enact new housing measures despite worsening affordability and homelessness crises.

Separately, the state of New Jersey has paid approximately $25.9 million in Bridgegate-related legal costs so far,.