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Recordings show that investigators never asked officers key questions about the killing of Kawaski Trawick.

It’s the fifth time an NYPD officer has fired a weapon in just over a week.

Devin Spraggins is facing a charge of attempted murder of a police officer in the first degree, among other charges.

It's the second shooting by police in the neighborhood in recent weeks.

One officer was hit in the leg and one in the neck, sources say. Both are expected to survive.

The case offers a window into the lengthy, complex process that follows killings by police

Jagger Freeman was unarmed and outside when police responded to an attempted robbery and fired 44 shots, killing one of their own. Because he acted as the lookout, Freeman was convicted of the officer's murder.

The victim's brother said the encounter began with a complaint over cigarette smoke.

"When the world shut down we was able to really see what the real issues were.”

The incident occurred on West 135th Street, after 6 p.m., police said.