Police shooting

The victim's brother said the encounter began with a complaint over cigarette smoke.
"When the world shut down we was able to really see what the real issues were.”
The incident occurred on West 135th Street, after 6 p.m., police said.
Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said that the suspect fired at the two officers after one asked him to take his hands out of his pockets.
Officer Yvonne Wu was charged with murder and attempted murder after shooting her ex and fatally shooting her ex's new girlfriend.
The five-year interval between Danner’s death and Barry’s department trial underscores the city’s ongoing failure to mete out discipline in a timely manner, advocates said.
Errick Allen was fired by the NYPD shortly after the May 2020 incident.
“Cascading collective trauma,” propelled by repeated police shootings, the 24-hour news cycle and social media, pushes against our ability to find closure and mentally heal.
The 27-year-old officer survived due to his bulletproof vest.
The gunman had a history of arrests and prison time in the 1990s.
Police shot and killed an alleged gunman in Morningside Heights on Sunday afternoon, the NYPD confirmed.
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