Police reform

The governor said the move, already required in 40 states, will bolster accountability and professionalism.
The state Attorney General’s Office said car thefts hit a record high in 2020.
The federal monitor, who has been overseeing the police division for five years, says his team’s work has been delayed by the pandemic.
The $17K order comes as the department fights on a number of fronts to keep records secret.
“Mayor de Blasio and NYPD put together a sham process for thinking about what kind of transformation we need in policing, and especially policing accountability,” said one councilmember.
The city must adopt a reform plan by April 1st, or risk a loss of funds.
Among the 11 proposals: stripping the police commissioner's final authority in disciplinary matters and ending qualified immunity for officers who commit misconduct.
The “discipline matrix” lists out possible penalties for misconduct, which some critics say don’t go far enough to hold officers accountable for serious offenses.
In a scathing complaint filed in federal court on Thursday, James detailed months of "illegal and harmful" conduct by NYPD officers in the wake of George Floyd's killing.
Other metrics the police cited as affecting crime were even less quantifiable, like the protests that "crushed the morale of our cops."
Supported by masses in the streets, seasoned police reform activists were positioned to take the ball and run—with ideas, reports and legislation at the ready.
"This is still a process where the NYPD retains too much control and discretion, and that's true of the body camera program overall."
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