Police officer

The highway officer, Anastasio Tsakos, had been diverting traffic on the L.I.E. during a different investigation.
Miosotis Familia was killed in an 'unprovoked attack,' Police Commissioner O'Neill said.
Look at this purrpatrator!
Someone claiming to be an NYPD officer is currently answering questions on Reddit.
A police officer who shot herself in the hand at at
Yesterday afternoon, a series of shootings near the Metro-North station in Poughkeepsie
The fight between Mayor Bloomberg and the police and firefighter unions
Briana Ojeda Carmen Ojeda, who claims a police officer blocked her
An off-duty officer was arrested Friday evening after allegedly punching a
sjgardner's Flickr After hearing gunshots, an off-duty NYPD officer tried to
Under Mayor Bloomberg's proposed city budget, the number of NYPD officers
The off-duty Jersey City cop who killed a woman and injured
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