Police misconduct

The remarks came in response to a watchdog report that recommended that 145 NYPD officers should be disciplined for misconduct during the 2020 George Floyd protests.
The CCRB faces a statute of limitations deadline of May 4th for civilian complaints over the NYPD’s response to the 2020 protests in New York City. Staff members say it’s struggled to fully investigate allegations, both because of a lack of cooperation from the police department and mistakes made within the oversight agency.
Previously, city rules forced the agency to wait until receiving a formal complaint before launching an investigation.
The CCRB's Chairman, Rev. Fredrick Davie, testified today at a City Council hearing in support of legislation that would grant the agency the power to start its own investigations into police misconduct.
“By no means has the NYPD entered a new era of transparency by disclosing only those misconduct complaints that they themselves deemed worthy of prosecution."
Using information from civilian complaints, a massive network emerges, revealing tightly-knit clusters of officers that civilians have repeatedly accused of abuse.
Three NYPD officers were arrested Tuesday on federal corruption charges, including an "unabashedly racist" cop who bragged about menacing Black people and expressed interest in the Ku Klux Klan, according to prosecutors.
A coalition of exoneration organizations want prosecutors to vacate hundreds of convictions in which officers, who went on to be convicted for misconduct, played a key role.
"If the department had any kind of problem with him or others like him, they would put their careers in a box," one now-retired supervising officer said.
The Civilian Complaint Review Board is relaunching its efforts to investigate allegations of police sexual misconduct.
Garcia was caught on video punching and tackling Donni Wright, a 33-year-old groundskeeper with NYCHA, during a May 2nd social distancing stop in the East Village.
“I don’t know what could be a clearer miscarriage of justice."
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