Police involved shooting

“They observe the man holding a firearm in his left hand and gave commands for him to drop it."
Officers from the Bronx Narcotics Division happened upon the scene.
The NYPD has not released police body camera footage from the shooting, which left two men dead.
The police say the man refused to drop his gun, prompting the officers to shoot.
A 9-mm handgun was recovered from the scene, police said.
The police say the man was breaking into a car.
The arson suspect was apparently pants-less.
Video appears to show the man taking an object—reportedly a wallet—and aiming it at officers.
The chase started on the Upper East Side, when the driver was stopped for an apparent tinted window violation.
The new film is a refreshing—and harrowing—look at how vastly different we experience something that we might assume to all feel the same way about.
The most recent call was earlier this month.
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