Police impersonation

In each case, the grifter arranges to meet his victims to buy a cellphone, then simply takes it and drives away.
"I forget to tell him let me see proof of ID and he showed me his [shirt] that said NYPD," one grocery store clerk said following a robbery.
After getting caught committing two burglaries, the same man told his victims he was a law enforcement officer before fleeing the scene.
A cautionary tale.
The victim called 911...and was also arrested.
Pro tip: Cops don't let you pay a ticket on the spot.
Police are investigating whether the pair has been involved in similar robberies.
All incidents have been between February 4 and February 9.
He was allegedly wearing all-white contacts during the attack.
This happened on Staten Island.
One suspect was wanted for a police impersonation incident earlier this year.
The most action-packed Cronut story you'll ever read. "A real thrill ride!" said one commenter.
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