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Luckily for Marcus Jeter, who was arrested and charged with eluding police and assault, the whole incident was caught on the police cruiser's dashboard camera.

Two NYPD officers are charged with selling copies of accident reports to people who were planning on using them to commit insurance fraud.

But as mayor, John Liu says he would clean house at the NYPD.

The City is excellent at reminding us to notify authorities about an errant duffel bag on the subway, and to stop eating such terrible food, so why can't they remind us to report police misconduct?

When some Bronx residents, who were waiting in line for government assistance next door, shouted "Fix our tickets!" the officers and supporters responded with a ugly chant of "E.B.T."

One defense attorney who has represented clients who say they were arrested falsely because of planted evidence, says, "The biggest problem in the Police Department, it seems to me, is the lack of accountability."

It seems the "ratdemic" isn't just taking over the streets of

A Bronx cop faces a life sentence for using his status