Police chase

"Why don't they shoot the tires?!"
The chase started on the Upper East Side, when the driver was stopped for an apparent tinted window violation.
The actual kicking is the subject of a separate criminal investigation.
Miguel Feliz, 28, was an unwitting victim in Sunday night's crash.
Jersey City prosecutors say that the man officers attacked while he was on fire was an innocent bystander.
For drivers commuting by the Lincoln Tunnel last night, things got pretty weird around 7:30 p.m.
Bystanders yelled, "Shoot him!"
This is some frightening footage.
He had just left court a half an hour earlier.
The chase ended with a fatal crash 40 minutes west of Newark.
A Port Authority spokesperson confirmed that cops were at JFK arresting at least one person involved in the incident; a police spokesperson said, "one or two people have been taken into custody."
20-year-old Maverick Madore had a long history of robbing banks before he was finally caught yesterday near the Lincoln Tunnel.
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