Police abuse

New figures released from the Civilian Complaint Review Board show the NYPD has only imposed discipline 42% of the time in cases involving “serious misconduct.”
Viral video of a clash between teens at a New Jersey mall and how police responded has sparked a discussion on inequitable policing and opened old wounds in state law enforcement's troubled history with discrimination.
"...This person, a police officer, will no longer have a weapon and badge to go around the streets abusing people for no reason, as he did with me."
The pilot would begin in February.
"While the bill is really laudable in its goal of keeping the NYPD from stealing DNA, we also have to be vigilant in making sure the NYPD then isn’t then trying to go around that by then coercing consent."
The international humanitarian group recommends the discipline and possible termination of NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea and Chief of Department Terence Monahan.
"The release of this database is an important step towards greater transparency and accountability and is just the beginning of unraveling the monopoly the NYPD holds on public information and officer discipline."
"When those in power do nothing to address systemic injustices, it is up to the youth to demand change. We need more than reform; we need a radical transformation guided by those who are not confined by preconceptions of what justice can look like."
NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea launched into an emotional defense of his department's racially biased social distancing enforcement.
A leader of the NYPD's embattled subway policing division allegedly directed officers to target black and Latino men for farebeating.
A new lawsuit provides an instructive glimpse into the department's practice of community policing, revealing how officers helped escalate a routine noise complaint into a violent takedown and alleged cover-up.
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