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Advocates, mental health experts and others question whether cops have the training and guidance they need.

Sgt. Frank Gualdino was set to retire later this year.

It’s unclear how these numbers will be affected by the city’s new policy for involuntarily removing people with presumed mental illness from streets and subways.

Black and Hispanic people make up 29% of Nassau County’s population, but 60% of its arrests.

The police watchdog agency has charged the officers with policy violations.

Police say they recovered a “water pellet gun” at the crime scene that may have belonged to the victim, though officers could not confirm that.

Gov. Phil Murphy signed a bill requiring licensure for police. Civil liberties advocates want to see more reform.

The move comes after Gothamist reported last week that Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder was accused in court papers of using a racial slur to describe the officer.

Paterson, NJ police detained Felix DeJesus Feb. 2. Witnesses say he was at a park afterward. No one knows what happened next.