Polar vortex

With just another inch, we could crack the top five!
It's May and it's polar vortex time.
A transcript published on Wednesday offers a disturbing look at life inside MDC, and suggests that mistreatment of detainees goes far beyond the recent electrical issues.
'There is a humanitarian crisis taking place,' according to a lawsuit filed by the Federal Defenders of New York on Monday morning over conditions at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Sunset Park.
Journey to the center of the polar vortex.
I bring you another exciting winter storm ingredient, courtesy of Notify NYC: whiteout conditions.
*whispers* -15 degrees with wind chill.
Today is a good day to be a climate change denier, though it is a very bad day to be a human.
Remember Polar Vortices?
It's going to drop down to a far less pleasant 50 degrees tomorrow, with the possibility of a snow shower tomorrow night.
Feel free to hold out for that 0.001 percent chance that the melting polar ice caps are just the sun's way of giving polar bears swimming pools.
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