Polar bear plunge

Rain and omicron couldn't stop the brave from jumping into the Atlantic Ocean.
If you've been looking forward to immersing your body in freezing temperatures to ring in the new year, you're in luck.
"We will be back bigger and stronger in 2022."
As always, the annual Coney Island Polar Bear Plunge turned the beach and boardwalk into a party on New Year's Day.
Temperatures in the mid-50s and sunny skies made for a glorious day at the beach.
Because one can never have enough photos of adventurous folks throwing caution to the freezing wind and plunging into the Atlantic Ocean, check out more photos of bikinis and bellies from the Polar Bear Plunge.
“In the grand scheme of what insanity can be, I would say this rates pretty low,” said one Keith Greenberg, who swims in the Atlantic Ocean every January with all the other sensible, rational people pictured here.
Coney Island Polar Bear Plunge in 2009 (Barry Yanowitz) The family
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