Polar bear

No more polar bears.
The 'Arctic Edge' exhibit will also feature the Arctic fox, bald eagle and Canadian lynx.
While Gus' tank will likely not be vacant long, there has been talk about replacing him with seals—an idea that some New Yorkers find distasteful.
Perhaps some seals might move into the polar bear exhibit.
Gus, the heart of the Central Park Zoo and symbol of how NYC can sometimes make you crazy, died yesterday
The female cub, who has not been named yet, is only one of a few new polar bears born to North American zoos this year.
When it starts getting warm humans like to cool down with a dip in the water. Polar bears are no different! Just ask Gus, the Central Park Zoo's resident polar bear.
Is Gus the recently widowed Central Park polar bear feeling sad over his companion's death?
Ida the beloved Central Park Zoo polar bear has died, leaving behind her companion Gus.
Julie Larsen Maher ©WCS It's Winterfest time at the Central Park
According to an email and this post on the Coney Island
Many hearty souls joined the Welcome to Coney Island Polar Bear
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