Pokemon go

A man was playing Pokemon Go near Central Park this weekend when he was assaulted and robbed, and the whole thing was captured on his livestream.
If a registered sex offender under supervision is found playing Pokémon Go while on parole, he/she could go back to prison.
Welcome to Pikachu's world.
A gamer and stock trader got a taste of the NYPD's Broken Windows policing.
This is not how Pokémon Go works.
Here is Pikachu, precariously perched on a subway track, waiting for some kind soul to rescue him.
Be safe out there, trainers.
Of course, the Pokémon Go servers weren't cooperating so...
"We have a great respect for those that are buried here, and for their families,"
Ivy St Ive has un-retired from the professional Pokémon Go playing world, announcing a book deal and a coaching gig with a VC cash-backed game website.
There are hundreds. Go have fun staring at your phone this weekend.
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