Four people, including the elderly relatives of an NYPD sergeant, died on Friday of what is believed to be accidental carbon monoxide poisoning in Queens.
At least four people have been found dead.
Officials say the students did it because some boys just want to watch the world burn.
The accusations are serious enough they they have shaken one parent's faith in the future of humanity: "I was thinking that the children are the future and the future doesn’t seem too promising right now."
A Long Island Taco Bell was shut down by police after a boy and a police officer were sickened.
The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant (Digital Globe/Reuters) The Fukushima 50, the
David Steeves A man found guilty of killing his estranged wife
Maureen Steeves died yesterday at Brookhaven Hospital, days after her husband David
The Suffolk County police say that David Steeves admitted to poisoning his
Emerson wrote that the "surest poison is time," but for Dru D'Amico,
On Friday, dozens of birds fell out of the sky and died
Stephen Sakai, the bouncer who went on a shooting rampage in front
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