A Chelsea brownstone has put up a holiday tribute to Clement C. Moore, the man who allegedly wrote "Twas the night before Christmas" there.
Wright's haikus are now the subject of "Seeing Into Tomorrow," a new public art project by the Poetry Society in which some of his verses have been turned into large-scale installations around Brooklyn.
We invited people to send us a poem, written in any form, on whatever emergence meant or inspired for them.
If you take the subway, you'll be seeing "Smelling the Wind" by Audre Lorde and "A Night in a World" by Heather McHugh.
Our month-long poetry challenge comes to an end, here's a recap, along with some new poetry.
Here's week two of your poems from isolation.
Our first prompt for you, our poets: “What a Difference a Month Makes.”
'Walt Whitman: Bard of Democracy' is the ultimate ode to the Brooklyn bard, filled with artifacts, early notebooks and other ephemera from throughout his life.
The late Native American artist's paintings, musical recordings, and poems are arriving in New York.
Hey, whatever happened to that Kanye West dude? What's he been up to lately?
The poem was inspired by the 1920s Burma-Shave ad roadside campaign.
A somewhat neglected vinyl-sided house is now at the center of a literary legacy battle.
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